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 Publisher: Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana  Publisher: Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana 
-==News and ATOM feeds== 
-C·E·P·S Journal Online offers [[http://cepsj.si/feeds/ceps_atom.xml|ATOM feeds]] [[http://cepsj.si/feeds/ceps_atom.xml|{{wiki:feedicon.gif}}]] for browsers or email clients. 
-C·E·P·S Journal uses feeds to link to inform users about updates without having to visit the site in the web browser. Subscription is free. 
-To use ATOM feeds, you need some kind of utility to use them. Most users will usually pick their favorite browser or email client to view them. To check out the feature, simply click on the [[http://cepsj.si/feeds/ceps_atom.xml|ATOM feed]] [[http://cepsj.si/feeds/ceps_atom.xml|{{wiki:feedicon.gif}}]] link and follow instructions in the browser's dialog box. 
-You can also use email clients and receive feeds as regular email messages. C·E·P·S Journal feeds get updated daily. 
-{{rss>http://www.cepsj.si/feeds/ceps_atom.xml author date 1d}} 
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